Laboratory Network

In the event that specialized testing required by the protocol cannot be readily performed in-house, we utilize our network of local laboratories to complete the request. Our laboratory network is:

  • Local to our Southern CA location, resulting in faster turnaround times, all with daily pickup schedules
  • Comprised of many smaller, specialized labs that perform testing such as:
    • LC/MS (liquid chromotography/mass spectrometry)
    • ICPMS inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
    • Western blot
    • Gel electrophoresis
    • Flow Cytometry
    • Viral cultures
    • Blood banking (ABORH)
    • TBGOLD

By utilizing local laboratories, we can ensure that sample processing occurs within stability. Sample run schedules can be adjusted per request at the local laboratories to ensure return of results is met for project deadlines. Samples are picked up daily by our certified couriers and sample integrity is verified at the laboratory.

If esoteric testing is required, Innovative Bioanalysis has established contracts with other larger reference laboratories.