Sample Processing

There are over 200 tests available for assay validation on our current methodologies, and our instrument list is constantly expanding based on our clients’ sample processing needs. If there is a test required by the project, the test can be validated by prevision, linearity, accuracy, and correlation in less than two weeks if it is available in our methodology. All validation is overseen by our technical supervisor and laboratory director. Our fully-expandable test menu ensures samples processing occurs with stability and fast turnaround times for completion of testing. Our reference laboratory offers multiple validated methodologies for cell isolation, staining, and platelet aggregation. Additionally, our hours of operation ca be adjusted to fit project needs.

In accordance with CAP guidelines, Innovative Bioanalysis takes special care to ensure all instruments are up to date on preventative maintenance and updated to be run on the latest software. To ensure samples are processed in a timely manner, pending reports are checked multiples times a day and turnaround times are communicated with clients should there be a delay in sample processing. Quality control is performed regularly and documented during each shift to ensure reliability of sample results.

All staff associated with sample processing undergo 6 months of on-site training regarding instrument operations. Additional advanced operator training is offered server times a year by Siemens. All staff members undergo a yearly competency assessment exam in order to operate the instruments. The yearly exam encompasses a full understanding on the technical aspects of the instruments and quality control to ensure patient samples can be verified. In addition, all results are reviewed and released by a licensed MLT with multiple years of experience.