About Us

Innovative Bioanalysis is a State of California CAP and CLIA accredited reference laboratory providing laboratory services to the healthcare and clinical research industries. With over 75 years of combined experience in managing laboratory projects, Innovative Bioanalysis takes a unique approach toward providing excellent support to its clients on projects large and small. Our lab has been independently providing testing services since February 2017.

Because of our size (around 20 staff), we are large enough to handle a diverse projects ranging from simple to complex, but small enough to care for the specific needs of our clients and provide excellent customer service. Our laboratory staff is supported by 24/7 customer service specialists who are provided extensive industry-specific training to ensure that your questions and concerns are followed-up with in 24 hours or less and that you are provided the resources and answers necessary to properly respond to your needs. Beyond our customer service representatives, our clients are provided easy access to high-level staff to discuss any results or issues that may occur.

We take pride in adjusting our turnaround times based on the unique requirements of your project. Even if you are in need of a referral to a specialty testing lab, we are able to respond to these requests swiftly using our local laboratory partners. Our testing network is comprised of multiple smaller specific laboratories that all share our flexibility in turnaround time, unlike other labs that only perform tests on a schedule. By using these smaller laboratories, we are able to offer more cost flexibility and can dictate turnaround times, all with a reduced timeline for deliverables. In addition to our partner laboratories, our own validation schedule is based on volume, and we are able to add any type of test to our already extensive list whenever necessary.

Innovative Bioanalysis is able to provide these dedicated services while still maintaining a high level of quality as well as a reduced cost. We offer two pricing models: one for research, one for healthcare, which allows us to provide our clients the best value possible for their projects.